Meet Our People

There is no better way to find out what life is really like at Cargill than from our employees. Each has a different story, a different career path and a different day-to-day life at Cargill.

Started to work in Cargill on Feb 07, 2007 at the age of 18, this being his second job challenge.  He worked as Quality Monitor on the night shift for two years, then in 2009 he was given the opportunity to work as Microbiology Lab Technician, at the same time he started studying different microbiology courses, obtained HACCP diplomas (Analysis of Critical Control Risks) and BPM (Good Production Practices).  He moved forward to start a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management at University, currently finishing his 4th year.  He also gave support to the R&D Dept with new product testing and reformulations.

On Nov 2012 he was granted Quality Supervisor position, after an internal and external Human Resources selection process.

The phrase that identifies him “If you really want something, you can accomplish it”.

Currently a supervisor in the Operations area, Juan has worked in Cargill for 17 years. He began on May 14, 1996, in the evisceration area, where he worked for five months. Because of his good performance, he was transferred to the Quality area, as Quality Monitor, a position he carried out for two years. He then worked as an Auxiliary Meat Inspector for two years.

For his passion to carry out his work well and constantly giving the best, Juan was promoted to Quality Supervisor, performing in this position for four years. He was transferred to Production Supervisor in the main shift, and later to secondary process, where he currently works.

Juan’s willingness to learn and know the whole production process has made him become better each day.

Henry is from a humble family, father of three girls and one boy. He is charismatic, hard-working, responsible, and intelligent and above all, committed to his work, always looking for the best way to carry out his tasks.

Henry Suarez started to work in the company in October 1995, as a production employee in the cutting and packaging area in Tip Top Industrial. While he was in this area, he showed teamwork and charisma while among his coworkers and supervisors. Thanks to his leadership in the company, he was promoted to Secondary process Coordinator in 2007.

Working with Henry is gratifying, because his honesty and engagement strengthens the trust and teamwork. He has earned the respect and appreciation of all the associates on his team.

Fernando Hernandez Cambronero, panelist at the San Rafael Feed plant in Costa Rica, has worked for 28 years in the company. He began as sack filler, and was later in charge of the plant’s control panel.

Technology took him by surprise, but, far from giving up, Fernando forced himself to adapt to the new circumstances. With the help of his coworkers and his disposition to learn, he assumed the challenge and today he is an expert in performing his functions.

He says he felt very identified with the company, thanks to the teamwork and respect that characterize the work environment, as well as the possibility that he has found to fulfill his dream: “Wanting to do things is a key point to reach your objectives, no matter the limits we have; when you really want something, you can have it,” Fernando affirms. He adds that the secret to success lies in our way of seeing life and in the positivity we apply to reach it.

Soon, Fernando will retire, and enjoy his time with his family, leaving in Costa Rica an inspiring legacy of perseverance and admiration.