Thriving in Central America

What does Thrive mean?

  • It is all our efforts in terms of Social Responsibility, with each of our stakeholders.
  • It represents our commitment to sustainable development in Central America.

Learn about how we are Thriving in Central America.

Get to know our CSR Model.


Corporate responsibility is part of everything we do. It is a business model that allows us to continuously improve our standards, actions and procedures. Our actions extend not only to our operations but also to our communities, and are based on four main focuses:

  • We manage our business with integrity and responsibility.
  • We treat people with dignity and respect.
  • We develop ways to reduce our environmental impact, and help preserve our natural resources.
  • We invest in and engage with the communities where we live and operate.


Nuestra Vision de RSE

Our Corporate Responsibility derives from our Purpose...

“Nourish and develop the communities to which we belong.”