Our Brands in Costa Rica

Chicken and Processed Meats Brands



PIPASA is synonymous with quality, nutrition and freshness. A leading brand in chicken products since 1969, with a wide selection of cuts and different presentations such as:

 Pipasa Tender


Tender and marinated cuts, with greater softness and juiciness: BBQ - Italian - Criollo.

 Pipasa Facil


Ready-to-cook products: Nuggets - Cordon Bleu Wings - Fillets and Patties, among others.

 Pipasa Light


A complete line of low fat processed chicken and turkey-based products.

 Pipasa Huevos


Eggs carefully selected, with great nutritional benefits: Brown, white and liquid eggs.


 Cinta Azu

Cinta Azul

A traditional brand in the market based on its excellent taste and quality. It offers a wide selection of processed meats in the beef, pork, chicken and turkey categories. Additionally, this brand includes the Cinta Azul Light line, with healthy and low fat products.




A family of processed meat products, also including top-quality beef and pork meats: Ham, bologna, sausages, salami, patties and ribs, among other products.

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 Centam Meat Brand Logo Castillo del Roble

Castillo del Roble

This is a premium high-quality brand with more than 20 years in the market. It offers a wide range of products: Ham, roast beef, sausages, pâté, among other products.




A wide selection of products at excellent prices, including processed chicken and turkey-based products: ham, bologna, salami and sausages. It also offers a selection of frozen products: patties, thighs and medallions.




A convenient line for those enjoying good taste at fair prices: cheeses, potatoes and processed meats.



Animal Nutrition Brands

 Aguilar y Solis   

Aguilar & Solis

Concentrados Aguilar & Solis, a solid leading brand in the Costa Rican market with more than 50 years of experience in providing excellence in each of its manufactured and marketed products. The food products lines offered under this brand targets: Pigs, dairy and beef cattle, horses, rabbits, poultry, lab mice, tilapia and trout. Aguilar y Solis, a leading brand offering quality and service to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.




Ascan means a complete and balanced nutrition to help your pet live longer and healthier. Its products have been manufactured under the strictest international ISO 9001 quality standards, with the right selection of raw ingredients undergoing different processes such as conditioning, extrusion, application of fat and flavor compounds, drying, packaging and packing.




Mimados results from expertise and knowledge applied to dog nutrition. It contains optimal quality ingredients to obtain balanced nutritional food and palatability level. They allow for excellent pet nutritional utilization, better mastication, better digestion, lustrous hair and firmer stool, thanks to an optimal protein balance and to the incorporation of fat acids and specially formulated ingredients.


 Don gato

Don Gato

Don Gato is a food product with high nutritional value, scientifically formulated to meet dietary requirements of cats during their different life stages. Don Gato has the shape and size that best suits cats’ mouth, facilitating consumption while reducing food waste. Its protein ingredients have a high biological value, providing an optimal energy level as required to meet their daily physiological needs and stimulate their immunological system.


 kan kan

Kan Kan

Kan Kan is a food product manufactured with especially selected ingredients, which enables dogs to digest easily while supplying the required ingredients to make them grow strong and healthy. Kan Kan is formulated for dogs of all breeds, with a low or moderate activity level, and contains the necessary proteins and minerals for a healthy pet with lustrous hair.





It’s the Premium brand for dog food, providing a wide range of flavors and foods for every life stage. This brand is commercialized in Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean region, with specific food products for puppies and adult dogs. Its wide selection allows owners to pamper their friends with Dogui’s different flavors available for adult dogs: Chicken, Beef, Classic (mix of beef and chicken) and Classic with Vegetables (a mix of beef, chicken and vegetables.)




It’s the premium brand for cat food, commercialized in the Central American, Mexican, Caribbean and Venezuelan markets. The brand is familiar with the demanding taste of cats and this is why it offers an exquisite range of flavors such as: Chicken, Fish and Land & Sea (a mix of Chicken, Fish and Beef flavors.)


Pet Master

Pet Master

It’s a brand for the value segment that plays an important role in the two market segments where this brand competes: Puppies and Adult Dogs. Pet Master provides dogs with the Strength, Energy and Health they need during their growth and development. The brand is present in the Central American and Mexican markets, and in part of the Caribbean.