Our Brands in Guatemala

Chicken and Processed Meats Brands




Processed meats brand since 1944. It holds a large commercial history that has helped to position this brand in a privileged spot inside Guatemalan’s diet. Top-quality processed meat products with distinctive taste: hams, sausages, chorizo sausage, cheese-filled ham, cheese-filled sausages, bacon-filled sausages, among others.

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A versatile, modern and practical brand for demanding customers willing to try good-quality products with different tastes at fair prices. This brand includes sausages, hams, and chorizo sausages.



Cinta Roja

A traditional brand which targets consumers looking for good taste and quality products, at affordable prices. The brand includes hams, sausages, chorizo sausages, cheese-filled ham, cheese-filled sausages, bacon-filled sausages, among other products.


Animal Nutrition Brands

Purina Nutrimentos  


Established in 1894 in St. Louis, Missouri, by Mr. William Danforth. The Purina® brand is considered to be the most important asset of our company; positioned in the global market for over 100 years, and a synonymous with top-quality and constant research. This brand is intended to be the global leader in the provision of high-quality nutrients for different species such as: pigs, cattle, egg-laying poultry, broiler chickens, horses, shrimps and rabbits.

Purina, el diseño de los cuadros y CHOW® son marcas registradas de Purina Nestlé PetCare Company.